Mindy Moore

For Warren City Council, District 3

Our no-nonsense councilmember with a record of effectively fighting for Warren taxpayers!

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Why I am running for this office?

With a new mayor being elected for the first time in 16 years, we are on the brink of moving our city in a positive direction with limitless possibilities. I have the most comprehensive background, experience and leadership skills of any candidate running for this office, and I believe that skillset will be crucial to ensuring we take all steps necessary to improve the quality of life for the residents of Warren. I have been an effective leader on council, fighting to ensure the rights of our residents are upheld under the City Charter. I want to continue my advocacy to increase efforts to combat blight, which will make our city more attractive to prospective homeowners and attract investment and development, offering excellent wage and benefit packages to entice good workers to Warren to fill vacant and understaffed positions, which will hopefully address the lack of maintenance and renovation in city buildings and parks, code enforcement and ADA compliance, and make sure the ordinances that have been passed by council are implemented in the next term, including: Good Government, Responsible Contracting, ADA, Veterans Advisory & Memorial Commission, and DEI Commission and Director.


In District 3, I am proudly announcing my endorsement of my friend and colleague Mindy Moore. Mindy is smart, tough, and articulate and she’s a fighter for the taxpayers and hard-working civil service employees who deliver our city services every day. In particular, Mindy is an advocate for our police and fire departments, and she has helped us deliver increased funding to bring our staffing levels back. Mindy has earned the endorsement of the police and fire department unions, as well as many other unions that have employees working in and around the city. Mindy has stood firm against special interests that are flooding our city election with “dark money” advertisements that represent outside interests that want millions in corporate welfare handouts from our taxpayers. I am proud to stand with Mindy against these special interests. Mindy has also been a champion of honest and open government, and she sponsored several reforms including the open government ordinance that would give residents free online access to city documents rather than having to file burdensome requests and pay large fees to obtain public information. Mindy has pushed dozens of proposals at the council meetings over the past 4 years and they are all centered around reforming city government so it works better for the community. Too often, as council president, I have heard the excuse “this is the way we have always done it.” This mentality has resulted in a decline in city services. We need to return Mindy Moore to city council so she can continue the fight to reform city government and make sure our residents and hard-working employees are not taking a back seat to outside special interests that are trying to buy this election. Over the past 4 years, Mindy has worked full-time as a council member taking leadership roles on the budget, ordinance reforms, and tough decisions to enforce our laws and charter. She has earned the support of her colleagues, the unions, and residents of all political persuasions. District 3 residents are lucky to have Mindy Moore working every day on their behalf, and I strongly support her re-election!


Patrick Green

Warren City Council President/Mayor Pro Tem